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Rick 203.631.7970 or 
​Mallory 203.631.1620
1260 East Main Street
​Meriden, CT 06450
"I have had lots of massages in my life from therapists with a multitude of different styles. Rick impressed me from the very beginning. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable about the body and its function, and excited to help his clients. He is also very strong and not afraid to apply his strength to your most troublesome regions.  His massage skills will address your fundamental issues and help you to attain true health." 
Nicole Barnes. Cyclist and Crossfit New Haven, CT Member

"I received a reiki session from Mallory yesterday. She did an amazing job.
She helped me relax and open up my energy channels. I was able to release some bad energy and it felt as though some weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Balancing your energy is truly an important part of your health and well being. Thank you so much Mallory!
I will be coming back soon!" Agata Mielicki

"I was shocked how much Rick understood how my body needed attention from my Crossfit lifestyle.  I came in with shoulder tightness from weights and pull ups.  He went right to the muscle groups that needed a strong touch.  I’m so glad I have someone who can get me back into life without the distracting tension."  
Charles Vogl. Crossfit New Haven, CT Member

"I got my massage from Mal today!! It was everything and more than I expected.
I would highly recommend going to see Mallory if you are looking for a great massage.
Very relaxing and professional. I will be back for my second round!!! Thanks Mal. Xoxo"  Lindsey Nesto-Jordan

"I have suffered from neck problems since a car accident last year.
Rick’s expertise in massage therapy has been indispensable for my recovery.
​He really goes the extra mile, researching new techniques for whiplash, and giving me stretches and lifestyle tips that I can use at home. He has a real talent for working with people recovering from injuries."
Sarah Koenig

"Fantastic massage with Mallory....feel like a new man!"Dave Alfano

I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders from having an office job.  Add on
top of that, my Crossfit regimen that makes my muscles tight and hard.  Rick has
the kind of firm hand and intuitive touch that not only relaxes, but also revitalizes
tired and sore muscles. He’s also an enthusiastic person who does body work because
he loves healing people. 
​Socheata Poeuv. Crossfit New Haven, CT Member