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"I received a reiki session from Mallory yesterday. She did an amazing job.
She helped me relax and open up my energy channels. I was able to release some bad energy and it felt as though some weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Balancing your energy is truly an important part of your health and well being. Thank you so much Mallory!
I will be coming back soon!" Agata Mielicki

"I got my massage from Mal today!! It was everything and more than I expected.
I would highly recommend going to see Mallory if you are looking for a great massage.
Very relaxing and professional. I will be back for my second round!!! Thanks Mal. Xoxo"  Lindsey Nesto-Jordan

"Fantastic massage with Mallory....feel like a new man!"Dave Alfano

Mallory has an
incredible intuition which far surpasses her sweet young age! I have been with my girl for over 6 years. Her touch, nurturance, and keen knowing of an individual's need has me awestruck when I leave my appointments. My recent reiki session aligned with my life situation and again attests to her intuitive skill. Love you and your guidance  ❤

Mallory is absolutely the BEST! She has been a part of my wellness and recovery for 4 years now and I will only see Mallory!!! She definitely has magical hands and is truly a healer !!!

I am 6’5” 330 pound strongman/powerlifter. I first came to Mallory on a suggestion from a fellow athlete and was skeptical since I have seen many other massage therapists. The second she dug into my back during our first session I was sold.
Her work is second to none. Mallory fixes me in ways I know I need, and finds all those “sweet” spots I didn’t even realize were hurting! She is a true pleasure to spend your session with, will have you laughing while you’re in pain, and point out anytime the big guys tear up. I always book my next two to three sessions with her just to make sure I have appointments!

The first time I experienced reiki, I didn’t know what to expect. Mallory made it so easy, first we did my full body work which relaxed my body. I had a serious motorcycle accident a little over 2 years ago which put into a deep state of depression, anger and anxiety. It was awesome,
I felt a sense of “zen” like I was in a trancelike state. The sensations I felt went from cold to warm. I even had conversations with family members that are no longer with me. It felt like Mallory was moving around my body during the session but I was wrong. When we dialogued at the end, she mentioned those very things I “dreamt” of while in silence. She helped me look at certain dilemmas and situations differently. I’m usually one to hold, and bury things in order not to deal with it. I must say, since these sessions, I’m able to be more expressive, spontaneous and positive about the things I’m able to change or not. I see a therapist as well, once I showed her the notes from my reiki session she was floored by how much Mallory had picked up in those sessions that were spot on with her findings. Now I have a very positive outlook on my life because without having to just spill them, Mallory pulled them out of me without even having to ask. Help is not something I ask for but now I’m much more willing to do. Thank you Mallory.

Here she is!!
The mastermind and magic hands of healing who has been a huge part of my rehabbing for almost 2 years... Thank you for just being you!! You’re not only my massage therapist and energy guru (Reiki) but you’ve become a great friend... even when you kill me with your hardcore deep tissue work, I know that it’s all love... I’m grateful for you and I appreciate you 🦄. I usually don’t share her because she’s just the best and high on demand.. if you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, Olympic lifter, MMA, crossfitter oh hell anyone who needs some recovery work go see her.

Mallory 203.631.1620 
346 Quinnipiac Street, 2nd floor Wallingford, CT 06492