Deep Tissue Massage
60 Minute Session

Customized massage session using deep pressure. Elbows, forearms, knuckles are utilized to reach greater depth into muscle fibers and chronic areas of pain.

$90.00 ​

90 Minute Session

CrossFIX™ Massage
60 Minute Session

Our signature massage! Back pain from Deadlifts? Shoulder pain from Kipping? Wrists hurt from being in the rack position?  Recover faster with a massage designed to speed muscle recovery and injury prevention. Mention your box name for a discounted price. ​

90 Minute Session 

Stay Healthy, Get Massaged!


​Reiki is a Japanese form of healing which uses universal energy to reduce stress, and promote relaxation to the energy centers in the body. This technique allows a state balance and self-healing to occur. You will be fully clothed during this session.  
​(Mallory Only)


Hot Stone

90 Minute Session

Full body Swedish massage using smooth, flat, and heated stones to provide relief from pain while relaxing the body and allowing access to the deeper layers of muscle.


Massage Services and Pricing
​In order to keep our prices affordable, we do not accept gratuity!

Crossfit New Haven, CT Member
Reiki Massage Client
“Mallory helped me relax and open up my energy channels. 
I was able to release some bad energy and it felt as though
some weight was lifted off of my shoulders.”
“I’m so glad I have someone who can get me back into life
​without the distracting tension."
Welcome to Central Connecticut 
Massage & Wellness! 
Our goal and passion is to provide
you and the surrounding community
with the highest quality massage and
​wellness services at an affordable price.
Hot Stone

A taste of hot stone massage used on one area of
​the body. 


Additional Services

Mallory Simone

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1260 East Main Street
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Swedish Massage
60 Minute Session

Customized massage session using light to medium pressure. Specific areas of concern are concentrated on while incorporating a full body massage. Additionally, this massage may include a postural assessment, assisted stretching, and strength recommendations for continued wellness, as well as relaxation techniques and tools to assist in de-stressing. 

90 Minute Session


60 Minute Session

(Mallory Only)


Mallory Simone is a licensed professional massage therapist and reiki practitioner. Her technique is to incorporate deep tissue, therapeutic, stretching and thai table massage in order to customize your experience, helping you recover, rejuvenate and achieve an overall sense of health and wellness.

Her experience as a Crossfit Triton member and as a therapist for multiple athletes and body building competitors means her expertise is focused on helping you reach your fitness goals. She holds full time hours at multiple office locations throughout Central Connecticut.

When Mallory is not working, she enjoys traveling and collecting antiques while admiring 1940's and 50's fashion and music — but most of all, spending time with her pug, Pumpkin.


A form of homeopathic medicine using essential
oils to enhance mood,
​and well-being.